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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I prepare for my reading?

  • FIND YOUR BIRTH TIME! The Most accurate time allows for more specificity in the reading! Good Example: Bjork November 21st, 1965 @7:50am, Reykjavik Iceland. If you do not have an accurate birth time to the minute -become an Investigator! Look at your baby book, check your birth certificate, ask your parents and/or extended family like aunts or grandparents, or even contact the hospital where you were born! While we can work without an exact time, it will prove more challenging if you want to examine current 'transits' (aka current astrological weather and how it relates to you!) and for synastry aspects (comparing your birth chart with a partner, friend or family member). Please update your appointment or email us this information at least one week prior to your reading.
  • BRING QUESTIONS. The stars are a vast and expansive landscape... there is SO MUCH to cover in a short amount of time during your reading! It can really help you get the most out of our time together if you can narrow down any topics, issues, and/or questions you would like to focus on. Some people like to write out questions beforehand, though that is not necessary. Example questions include: " I need direction with my career," or " I'd like to find a better way to connect with my partner," or " how can I move on from __________ ." Of course, we will always go with the flow and I will hold space for whatever comes up!
  • OTHER PEOPLE'S CHARTS: Generally speaking, I won't read someone's chart without their express permission. That being said, if it is important to you to discuss how this person relates TO YOU I will examine the chart according to your own. I wouldn't suggest adding this into your reading unless they are someone very important to you and you would like to budget time in your own reading (there is so much to cover!!) to look at their chart.
  • RECORDING: I will not record the meeting, but you may do so. I will make video recording available to you on our zoom meeting. Sometimes these are rather large files to contend with, so make sure you have enough space on your computer to "render" the file after our meeting. Alternatively, you may also use a recording app on your smartphone (like "voice recorder") to record the audio of our meeting. Make sure your smartphone is charged and that you also have enough space on your phone for this as well!

What type of Astrology do you practice?

  • In technical terms, I practice Contemporary Western Astrology. Generally, I use the Placidius House System. I mainly focus on Natal Birth Chart Readings with further guidance from current astrological transits as well as your progressed charts.
  • In personal terms, I support you in your inner journey towards deeper self-acceptance and fulfillment.
  • I offer all readings and communications up for the Highest Good of All.
  • I embrace SELF-DISCOVERY and I believe that Astrology can be used as a LANGUAGE and TOOL to help us articulate some of the many aspects of our HUMAN EXPERIENCE.
  • I pledge to always promote: SELF-AGENCY and the SANCTITY of FREE-WILL. Nothing (even astrology!) is ever written in stone.
  • I believe in GRACE and the POWER OF TRANSFORMATION. During a reading, I seek out POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITIES in your birth chart and their respective OFG's (Opportunities for growth) to offer additional perspectives.

Is our session confidential?

Absolutely, these sessions are confidential!

Have another question?

You can reach out directly with any other questions by hitting the contact button below. I look forward to hearing from you!


An about page is in the works while the website is under construction! In the meantime... CARA-LUNA CARA-LUNA is a multi-passionate astrologer and musician. After living and working for the past 10 years out of Brooklyn, NY, both as a professional singer and in the new-age community as an astrologer and holistic mineral consultant, she has recently returned to her roots in the midwest. Shortly before beginning her career as a musician in NYC, an unexpected medical diagnosis altered her vocal capabilities and aligned her with a broader life-purpose. During this fragile and spiritually expansive time, Cara delved deeply into the healing arts and adopted a much more conscious and pro-active approach towards living. Cara has performed readings for hundreds of friends, family, acquaintances, and receptive passers-by. After a decade of study and experience, Cara has decided to take her practice public to help spread the joy and life-changing benefits of astrology. Cara is a fiery Capricorn Sun - Cancer Moon - Leo Rising with a stellium in Saggitarius and a proud member of the Pluto in Scorpio Generation! She loves to delve deeply and to be a spiritual and creative cheerleader!