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  • PROFESSIONAL HOME ORGANIZATION: $380 per 3-Hour session

  • ENERGETIC SPACE CLEARING: starting at: $250

  • VOICE LESSONS: $80 per hour

Cara is able to transform spaces everything from rooms to full apartments with her own combination of professional organization (She is a member of NAPO, National Association of Productivity and Organization), Energetic Space Clearing (She is a Level 4 Reiki Master) and trained in the Tibetan Space Clearing, and utilizing customization techniques which take each client's needs and constitutions in mind.  She utilizes Western Astrology, the Meyer's Briggs's Personality Tests, Ayurvedic Doshas and Feng Shui in creating a space that is not just lovely to look at but also mutually beneficial energetically speaking.  Service has become a major component of Cara's life and she feels that this is one of her ways to give back!

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