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No musical stone is left unturned or without polish by this ultimate millennial jazz lounge group.  Sensational vocalist Cara Dineen combines a throwback jazz elegance with crowd pleasing pop (Beyonce, Britney Spears, Aaliyah), hipster standards (Tom Waits, Bjork, David Bowie) and the greatest R&B Classics of the past century (Screamin' Jay Hawkins, James Brown, Elvis) both old and new alike.  The BELLATONIC recipe creates an exciting musical elixir sure to please both the pickiest of music snobs and the danciest of friends.  Anything one can imagine (or request) is thrown in with some revamped jazz for good measure.  All of Bellatonic's music is both shakin' and stirred.  Bellatonic is proudly represented by Onyx Artists Agency.

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