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Vocalist and Bandleader, Miss Cara (Dineen), sets the stage as a whimsical flapper singing new life into dusty old tunes pressed onto vinyl over 100 years ago.  If you're lucky enough to catch them live, brace yourself for high-energy tempos and dynamic interpretations.  Their performance recently called a "Home Run" by Don Spiro at CLUB WIT'S END, they will get your gams out on the floor and your heart stompin' with them in no time.  They are a perfect homage to Jazz's Golden Age: the 1920's. With a youthful 'Joie de Vivre',  The Brooklyn Sugar Stompers are attempting to bring Gatsby Gilded Lenses to this century's New Yorkers, one song at a time.  The Brooklyn Sugar Stompers are proudly represented by Onyx Artists Agency.

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